Islamic Art

A conversation starter at your next gathering.


Paintings by Saleha 


Teaching Islamic History, Creatively.

Islamic Art

Conversation starter for your next gathering


Prints of Islamic Paintings by Saleha

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Modern Islamic Paintings

10 years ago, I went on a journey to relearn Islam. Amazed by this blessed religion, I decided to combine abstract art and Islamic calligraphy to tell Islamic history. 

By the mercy of Allah, my art has been inspiring conversations with friends and family across the globe. Imagine the angels present watching as Muslims explain the art and tell Prophetic stories at dinner gatherings. What started as a passion became my purpose. When the 5 Star Hotel in Makkah, across the Holy Kaaba, decided to fill the property with my art- it was the greatest achievement, subhanAllah.

Now, I spend the year creating an annual collection of six paintings that are sold through online auction. To ensure more Muslims can own the art, prints of my paintings are available as poster, frame or canvas. Order story-telling Islamic prints for your home, today!


Saleha Contractor

Artist & Founder

Featured in Luxury Hotel in Makkah

By the mercy of Allah swt, Makarem Ajyad Hotel has created an art gallery experience for their guests by installing my story-telling art throughout their luxury property. A site visited by millions of pilgrims, subhanallah!
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