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No, these are not hand-painted. Texture can be seen, not felt.

Saleha creates six paintings once a year and they're sold via online auction here.

We make prints of these paintings so more homes around the world can own modern Islamic Art

Which print option is right for you?

Rolled poster
Perfect to gift or put in your choice of frame
Stretched Canvas
Gallery Style
Ready-to-hang. Printed canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame. Durable and vibrant finish
Premium Frame
Framed Poster
Fine art poster is framed inside white mount border. Takes away the hassle of custom framing. 
Sizes shown are the total frame dimensions.

Sizes offered are the total dimensions

For the above example:
Premium Frame and Stretched Canvas is XL 24by36"
Poster is Reg 11by14"

How to Order

Choose Islamic Print
See which art speaks to you
Select Style
Choose Canvas, Frame or Poster
Select Size
Choose your perfect size

Simply Add to Cart & Place Order

Your art will be produced and shipped to you within 10 business days.
We have labs in UK, USA & Australia for quick delivery!
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Read the stories behind the art
4 Quls
Inspired by the concept of a shield which guards a believer.
Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas
Inspired by the mercy showered upon us when visiting the Holy Kaaba
Duas for children, spouse & parents
Inspired by the the strongest bond we know: between a mother and her child.
"subhana rabbi al ala"
Inspired by the Prophet Muhammad PBUHs favourite position in salah, the Sujood.
Inspired by ancient scripture
4 Quls, Surah Fatiha, Ayat ul Kursi 
99 Names of Allah
Inspired by the famous Hadith explaining how to discover the truth.
Inspired by the simplest yet most powerful Dua.
Inspired by Surah Al'Asr "The Declining Day"
"Allah alone is sufficient for us, and he is the best disposer of affairs"
Inspired by Musa AS's story of the parting of the sea. 
Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas
Inspired by the mercy showered upon us when visiting the Holy Kaaba
Four Qul & Kaaba. Signifies wiping of the sins and the power of the 4 Quls
"Which of the favours of your lord, will you deny?"
Inspired by the four greatest women in Islam.
"And of His signs is that He created for you..."
Inspired by beauty of Nikah in the modern age.

Note: Standard frame shown in video is discontinued post pandemic.

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