About Me

Saleha Contractor

I want my children to grow up seeing Allah SWT as their friend. So I create art that tells stories
By the mercy of Allah swt, I was blessed with the opportunity to lead an art movement in the world of modern Islamic art. Nine years ago, I went on a journey to relearn Islam, and since then, I've been storytelling through art. Powerful art inspires conversations, and that has been my driving force. I've created a distinct style using abstract art and Islamic calligraphy.

My modern Islamic art is featured throughout a 5-Star hotel in Makkah, steps from the Holy Kaaba. I create one yearly collection using mixed media on wood panels. Art collectors worldwide join this live one-day auction to own one of six originals. The last 60 seconds are always intense. Over 10,000 prints have been sold worldwide.

I'm on a mission to spread the beauty of Islam and inspire closeness to Allah swt one painting at a time.

Based in Toronto, Canada.

Watch my story...

One day after you've long passed...

I hope your grandchildren find my art as part of a belonging you've left behind.⁣ I pray that they are mesmerized by the details and ask about the meaning.
⁣I hope you are rewarded for the moment they felt calmness, recited the holy words of Allah swt and learned stories of the Prophets
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"Your Islamic art inspires conversations in our home with friends & family"
To reach me directly, email salam@salehaart.com