Patience | Innallaha Ma Sabireen Art

Inspired by the Story of Adam AS and the Significance of Patience

"Surely Allah is with those that are patient"

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Calligraphy: Innallaha Ma Sabireen "Surely Allah is with those that are patient"

The Story

When Allah SWT blew ruh into Adam AS it started from top-down. The moment it reached the nostrils, naturally, it tickled—Adam AS sneezed. Subconsciously he said Alhumdulillah (Praise be to God). So Allah SWT responds Yarhamuk Allah (May Allah SWT have mercy on you). This is the first thing Allah said to the first man.

Before the ruh touched his feet, Adam AS tried to get up, but he couldn't. Allah said, "Man was created of haste" [i.e-impatient] 21:37

According to hadith, Allah SWT created our ruh from Adam's backbone. The sand and clay symbolize our spiritual birth in Arafah.

The lesson from this story is that man is created of a hasty temperament. So we must train ourselves to practice patience and perseverance.

One of the most remarkable qualities of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was his infinite patience. During the 13 years of his life in Makkah, he faced traumatic experiences. But just how the sea is in constant circular motion despite the tides, winds, temperature, etc. He, too, stayed committed to his purpose and only depended on Allah with strong faith.

Patience is the way to earn the companionship of Allah.

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Beautiful art

Ayem Gilani
Beautiful art

all of Saleha's work is beautiful

Abdul Taj

Loved the print and the look and feel on the wall. I bought all my prints from here around 9 prints and I am always satisfied

Asma Irfan

Simply beautiful


It is a museum print of the actual painting and the quality of the print plus the actual painting itself is fabulous. They cannot be any better. I am hoping to buy some more paintings from Saleha arts. Thank you