2020 Collection Releasing Soon

Islamic Calligraphy Paintings by Saleha Contractor, Artist

Sneak Peak of the Theme

Raw footage. Stay tune for the release campaign!

Only Six Paintings. Will you be a lucky owner?

So how does it work?
  • EMAILS: I'm almost finished the collection so will send updates
  • DATE: Expecting a late November launch
  • SAVE THE DATE: You'll receive a calendar invite and link to the auction site
  • LAUNCH: You have 12 hours to make multiple bids on one or more pieces
  • SHIPPING: Originals usually only ship within North America but this time, I'm working on securing International delivery.
I've spent the last 9 months creating 6 paintings.
Over 4,000 members have signed up

Once you win the bid and make the payment. The original is YOURS.
I don't recreate nor take commissions so this is your only chance.

I've sold over 10,000+ prints. Imagine being the owner of the original.
Don't miss your chance. Once a year only.

My Yearly Collections

It's an investment.

Each piece takes months to create. Once sold, you're the only owner.

To honour the intense creative process, I do not accept commissions.

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