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Releasing February 2023

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The 1-day online auction is open worldwide to members. All updates will be emailed closer to the launch. Expected to release February 2023. See details below.
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I spend the year creating an annual collection of six paintings. Mixed media on wood panel. Combining abstract art and Islamic calligraphy allows me to create visual representations of Prophetic stories and Quranic verses.
Every piece is filled with heavy texture and detail that requires months of work. Listening to lectures and researching the specific Prophetic story or Quranic ayah is part of the process. The art should be able to guide the viewer and invoke emotions, so the weight of conveying such powerful verses requires patience.
Annual Auction
Originals ship out of my studio in Toronto, Canada in secure crates. The 1-day online auction is open to members worldwide. Majority of my collectors are in the UK & US. Sign up below to get on the list for updates on the next release.
In 2017, my collection sold out within minutes. Since then, members have suggested an auction system to allow a fair chance at owning an original. Due to the limited number of paintings and high demand, the prices are determined by the collectors. The last 60 seconds are intense, subhanAllah!
This year, the auction prices for each painting ranged between $8,000-$17,000 USD.

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"Our faith is the legacy we'll leave behind for future generations."

The weight of conveying powerful Quranic stories through art requires patience. It takes 9-12 months to perfect every detail. These timeless pieces are designed with layers of texture to build an emotional connection.

Popular Questions

Do you take commissions?

Apologies, but I do not take on commissioned work. To honour the creative process, I spend the year dedicated to working on only one collection.

Do you sell paintings outside of an auction system?

The auction system was suggested by members to allow a fair opportunity for all. For this reason, originals are only sold during the annual auction.

When will the prints of the 2022 collection be available?

Click here to check out the new prints.

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