Powerful Protection

Inspired by the concept of a shield which guards a believer.

Four Quls

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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The Story

The last four Surahs in the Holy Quran are short yet very heavy as the benefits they provide are significant to the believer. These four Quls are known to provide "powerful protection." Hence, this painting symbolizes the concept of a shield that guards a believer who recites these surahs with complete faith in Allah swt. See how the painting is heavy in textures & movement, yet the ayahs are protected. 

Benefits of Reciting 4 Quls:

Surah Ikhlaas: Equivalent to reciting 1/3rd of the Quran. Prophet Muhammad loved this Surah. Reciting this Surah 200 times a day will wipe away 50 years of sins unless one is in debt (Tirmidhi). Also, Surah Ikhlaas is pure Tawheed, which explains the immense benefits. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has said, "The love for this Surah will admit you into Jannah." (Tirmidhi).

Surah Khafiroon: Equivalent to reciting a quarter of the Quran. Protects from shirk.

Surahs Falaq and Naas: Protection from all kinds of worldly evil such as envy, black magic & jinns.

Customer Reviews

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Nice One...

Very good quality of Islamic art


I’m amazed by the beautiful artwork made by Saleha Art. The intricate details add a special touch to each unique piece. I'm grateful to have several paintings and canvasses displayed throughout my home, and hope to add more to my collection. Thank you Saleha!!

Powerful Protection

The only complaint I have is I should have went bigger! We love the quality of our Sahela Art. After Al Fatiha the Quls were the first Surahs I learned and the first I taught my children. My favorite Surah is Al-Kafirun so I was immediately drawn to the Powerful Protection. Shipping was very quick. If you’re considering a purchase just do it ❤️

Just beautiful

Bought the Powerful Protection and it’s simply stunning. Great quality print and complements my home decor beautifully.

Lovely piece!

Purchased my second piece of saleha artwork for my new home and it has definitely added a wonderful touch. Her work is a delight and pure talent. Keep going!