Dream | Innallaha Ma'as Sabireen | Prophet Yusuf

This painting is a portrayal of the profound lessons from the life of Prophet Yusuf AS

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Modern Calligraphy:  "Innallaha Ma'as Sabireen" [Indeed, Allah is with the patient] 153

Traditional Islamic Calligraphy: "I only complain of my suffering and grief to Allah" - Yaqub AS 12:86

The Story

This painting portrays the dream that Yusuf AS had as a child: a future where the sun, moon, and 11 stars prostrate before him. The sun and the moon take prominent positions in the artwork, intertwined with the Quranic verse on patience. 

The water effect represents the well into which Yusuf AS was callously thrown by his envious brothers during his childhood. Silver textures weave through the composition, evoking the unforgiving jail bars where he endured an unjust imprisonment. As we learn his story, we realize that Allah SWT had a plan all along. His experiences led him to interpret the king's dream and, in turn, become the treasurer who saved Egypt from a devastating famine.

Amidst it all, the tears of his father, Yaqub AS, who grieved for his son for years are depicted gently flowing from the word "Allah". The deep blue tones and intricate design resemble a majestic throne which signifies the grand reunion of Yusuf AS with his long-lost family. In this moment of triumph, they express their gratitude by bowing, exactly as he envision in his dream.

In this climactic reunion, Yusuf AS says, "my master is so subtle". It's a reminder that every trial and tribulation serves a greater purpose that transcends human understanding. The struggles of one family paved the path to rescue thousands. It reminds us that, like Prophet Muhammad PBUH, we too can find comfort and inspiration in Yusuf AS's remarkable story. 

Customer Reviews

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Shaista Noreen

Alhamdullia my painting arrived on time, good service

Asiya A

Ordered two different poster prints, they are stunning! Cannot wait to put them up!

Marc Rushton

Quality from start to finish. Easy to order, timely delivery & fantastic quality in both print detail & paper quality.
Now framed & pride of place on the wall looking much more exclusive than the price would suggest.

Thank you, so much Saleha art

Aalia Valji
Simply Stunning

This is my third Islamic print from saleha and I wouldn’t have thought that it could be even more beautiful than the others but it is . I only wish I had bought the largest size !

Shareen Akhtar
Beautiful reminder

Having this above my desk reminds me daily that no dream is too big and I can ask Allah for anything. Sometimes I just look at the painting and remember the story of Yusuf AS had and the importance of trust and patience in the wait that lies before a dream becomes reality.