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Frequently Asked Questions

No. These are digitally printed copies of my Islamic paintings. The texture can be seen but not felt. 

We've been producing prints with high quality materials and ink to best resemble the original since 2012. The art will show the artistic imperfections when observed closely. As the art usually has heavy amount of details, we've used the techniques to capture the details to the highest degree possible. Areas with heavy texture will have a smooth finish instead. 

Look through all the images provided on the listings. Trust me, you and your guests will love the art. Alhumdulillah, we have a very low return rate. 

My originals are launched once a year and sold via online auction to Muslim art collectors. Prices start at $8,000 USD. Sign up for 2021 waitlist

The photo reproductions were created to fulfill the growing demand of modern Islamic art. To make it easy and widely available, the prints (posters, canvas and frames) are produced in labs in UK, USA and Australia so its easily available to Muslims, worldwide. 

Small 8 by 10" (20 by 25 cm)

Medium 16 by 20" (40 by 50 cm)

Large 20 by 30" (50 by 75 cm)

XL 24 by 36" (60 by 90 cm) *Best-Selling Size

XXL 30 by 40" (75 by 100 cm)

XXXL 40 by 60" 

Every product listing has a size chart image so you can see art on a wall as approximate measure. See size chart

Poster $ Rolled poster. Perfect to gift or put it in your choice of frame. Vivid colors and durable print.

Stretched Canvas $$ Gallery style lustre-finish. Canvas is printed and wrapped around a wooden frame.  Durable and vibrant colors. Investment piece that will move homes with you.

Premium Frame $$$-Modern designed frame with matte white border. Take away the hassle of custom framing the fine art poster. Customers choose this for a luxurious finish.

The frame can roughly add an extra inch to the size listed. 

We have labs within US, UK and Australia. 

We ship worldwide! FREE SHIPPING over $50 USD

UK, US & Australia: Delivery takes 7-10 business days. The art is produced and shipped within the country. 

Canada & International: Delivery may take extra time as the packages cross the border. 

We have labs within the UK, US and Australia. They work hard to ship out your orders as quickly as possible so they are delivered within 10 business days. However, with the current pandemic, we may need extra time to produce your art or the couriers may be overwhelmed with packages. So there could be a slight delay. 

Rest assured, we are always available to help you and will make sure you receive your art safely. 

Simply email with order number and we will provide an update and/or your tracking number if it's already shipped.

We're always here to help! We work hard to make sure your art pieces are safely packaged but at times damage can occur during delivery if not handled professionally by the courier companies. 

If your frame, poster or canvas arrives damaged, simply do the following:

1. Take images of the damage

2. Collect your order number 

3. Email to 

We will open a claim and work with you to replace it with ease.

UK: All products are produced & shipped locally, so no customs fees.

USA & Australia: All products are produced & shipped locally except for 30by40" Premium Frame & 40by60" Canvas. These two products ship from UK. 

Canada: Canvases ship locally. Frames and posters ship from US & UK

International: All products are produced and shipped out of UK

We don't often hear about customers being charged but we cannot promise anything. The customer is responsible for all customs fees as it is determined by border services in your country. 

Yes! 30 day return policy. 

Keep in mind, as much as we'd love to offer Amazon-like policies, unfortunately, it costs a lot to ship artwork due to size. When we offer free shipping, we're actually covering $30-100 shipping fees.

So yes, we accept returns however, the CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURN SHIPPING COSTS. We offer free shipping so returns must be covered by the customer. 

The good news is, we have a very low return rate! So alhumdulillah, customers are happy with the artwork they receive. 

It's best to REVIEW all images, details & size guides listed on the product listing before making a decision. 

Full details here

NOTE: These are digitally printed copies and not the original hand-painted art. It is the customers responsibility to review all details before making a purchase decision.

Yes! We accept payments in the following currencies: USD, CAD, GBP, AUS. 

The website typically converts to your currency automatically but if it doesn't, you can click on the currency converter button on the bottom of the site. 


Payment can be made in the following currencies: USD, CAD, GBP, AUS.