Islamic Wall Art

As seen in 5-Star hotel in Makkah

These are prints of Islamic paintings

by Saleha Contractor, internationally-selling artist.


Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas
Inspired by the mercy showered upon us when visiting the Holy Kaaba
Surah Fatiha
Inspired by the Black Stone named Hajaru Aswad 
Inspired by ancient scripture
Four Quls
Inspired by the concept of a shield which guards a believer.
Surah Fatiha
Inspired by the famous Hadith explaining how to discover the truth.
Inspired by the power of words and the impact it has on our relationship with Allah swt.
Dua for children, spouses & parents
Inspired by the strongest bond between a mother and her child. 
Also in Black/White
Ayat ul Kursi, "which of the favours of your lord"
Inspired by the greatest women in Islam. 
Also in Black/White
Signifies wiping of the sins and the power of the 4 Quls

Islamic calligraphy with modern design to fit YOUR home.

Inspired by Surah Al'Asr "The Declining Day"
La illaha illallah
Inspired by the simplest yet most powerful Dhikr
Dua for parents
Inspired by the importance of parents in Islam
Inspired by Musa AS's story of the parting of the sea. 
Inspired by the bond of Nikah.
"And we created you in pairs"
"And of His signs is that He created for you..."
Inspired by beauty of Nikah in the modern age.

Looking for symbolic art? No Islamic text

These two are top selling duos.
Old maps of Mecca & Madina from 1946
Abstract Arabic Calligraphy with symbolism

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