Islamic Wall Art


The Powerful Surahs: 
Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Fatiha, Surah Ikhlas
The Protecting Surahs: 
Four Quls.
Inspired by ancient scripture
Inspired by beauty of Nikah in the modern age. Ayat on marriage

These are prints of my Islamic paintings.

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Inspired by the strongest bond between a mother and her child. 
Powerful dua
Inspired by the greatest women in Islam. Ayat ul Kursi, Surah Rahman 55:13
Signifies wiping of the sins and the power of the 4 Quls
Inspired by the blessings of water and charity

Islamic calligraphy with modern design to fit YOUR home.

Inspired by Madinah and the importance of Durood-e-Ibrahim.
Inspired by the bond of Nikah.
"And we created you in pairs"
Inspired by the Black Stone. 
Surah Fatiha
Inspired by Musa AS's story of the parting of the sea. 

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