Shahadah Art Bundle | Kalima, Allah, Lohe Qurani, Dua for Parents

The Most Important Reminders

These are prints of Islamic paintings by Saleha

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Calligraphy: Kalima, Allah, Lohe Qurani, Dua for Parents

The Story


"La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah"

Musa AS had a fascinating relationship as he spoke directly to Allah SWT. One day, he asked for a Dua—one that was special for him to remember Allah.

Allah SWT responded with “La ilaha illallah." Musa AS was hoping he’d have a unique Dua, and then He swt explained, “Did you know even if the 7 heavens and everything on the earth were placed on a scale, that lah would be heavier”. Part of the meaning of the Kalima is that there is no other genuine love. The simplest yet most powerful Dhikr is La ilaha illallah. Notice when you say it, your lips don’t move? Allah has made it so easy to recite it at the time of death with minimal effort.



This painting is inspired by Surah Al’Asr “The Declining Day.” When Allah swt says, “I swear by the time,” the word He swt used for the time comes from Easir, translating to juice in Arabic. Picture liquid pouring out when you squeeze a fruit or vegetable.
Asr actually means that time is dripping away. Notice how the time between Asr and Maghreb goes by so fast? Once Asr hits, we know we’re at the tail end of the day. Similarly, Allah swt is warning us that we are losing time.


Lohe Qurani

The letters here are known as Huroof-e-Muqatta’at (the disconnected or broken letters). The rustic feel and texture were designed to symbolize an old piece of handwritten scripture. 


One Sentence

"My Lord have mercy on them as they brought me up when I was small" Quran 17:24

There's no period (full stop) between worshiping Allah swt alone and being good towards your parents- it's one sentence. The only difference is that Allah swt put the worship of Him before mentioning the dutifulness towards parents. In the Arabic language, whatever you mention before another, it means it's a sequence. Why? Because the origin of life and our existence is from Allah swt and our secondary origin is from our parents.

Ibn Abbas says, the most important after Allah swt and Prophet Muhammad PBUH are our parents. If you want to be connected to Allah swt, then it is through your parents.

Customer Reviews

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Iqra Siddique

I bought multiple artwork to place around our facility’s office spaces. I’ve gotten so many compliments for it and how it brings the room together so we’ll Masha’Allah

Sarwat Ansari
Mesmerizing art

Im speechless on how beautifully the word of Allah has been done

Huda Silat

Bought these as housewarming and Eid presents - everyone loved it!