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I spend the year working on one annual collection.  Aiming to launch: Summer 2024 inshaAllah.
 This year, for the first time, I am working on a collection of mini paintings. Excited to share the details, once they're ready!
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Important Details

Combining abstract art and Islamic calligraphy allows me to create visual representations of Prophetic stories and Quranic verses.

My medium: mixed media on wood panels.
It takes one year to complete a collection.

Each painting is filled with texture and detail that adds depth and draws the observer in, encouraging them to interpret the piece like a mental puzzle.

Listening to lectures and researching the concept is a key part of the process. Time in the studio is split to balance the creative expression and academic aspect of the artwork.

The art should be able to guide the viewer and invoke emotions, so the weight of conveying such powerful stories requires patience.
Once the auction date is scheduled, members receive an official invitation to RSVP. All important details are provided.

Every year, the last 60 seconds are absolutely intense, subhanAllah.

Upon completion of the auction, originals are packaged in secure wooden crates and shipped via freight from Toronto, Canada. The online auction is open to members worldwide. Majority of my past collectors are based in the UK & US.
In 2017, the collection sold within minutes, prompting members to propose an auction system to ensure fair access to originals. Given the limited number of paintings, collectors now determine the prices.

In 2023, the auction prices for paintings varied from $10,000-$20,000 USD.

Every year, I'm amazed by the influx of new and returning collectors and their enthusiasm to aquire an original. All praise is due to Allah!

"Tie your camel and then place your trust in Allah" (tirmidhi)


This 2023 collection of originals were sold via online auction in September 2023.

"Your paintings are like a mental puzzle. Aesthetically pleasing & intellectually stimulating"

Popular Questions

Do you take commissions?

Apologies, but I do not take on commissioned work. To honour the creative process, I spend the year dedicated to working on only one collection.

Does the 5-Star hotel in Makkah have original paintings?

No.  There are a limited number of originals due to the time dedicated to each piece. The hotel requested a large quantity of prints. Fine art posters were framed as per the specific design requirements of each area of the hotel. 

Most prints under "Best-Sellers" can be seen at the hotel. 

I'm interested in the new prints. When will those be released?

We're aiming to launch the prints by the end of October inshaAllah.

The process requires detailed scanning, editing and testing to ensure the print best reflects the original painting. This year, due to demand, we're looking into offering larger canvas/poster sizes for those high ceilings.

Do you sell paintings outside of an auction system?

The auction system was suggested by members to allow a fair opportunity for all. For this reason, originals are only sold during the annual auction.

Do you exhibit your paintings before the auction?

Not at the moment. Once the annual collection is complete, members receive information regarding the online auction date.

2022 Collection

These originals were sold via online auction in March 2022
Heirloom Piece


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