Tahajjud | Night Prayer

This painting symbolizes the divine descent, portraying the profound beauty of Tahajjud, the voluntary night prayers

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Modern Calligraphy: Layl [night]

Traditional Islamic Calligraphy: "And rise at the last part of the night, offering additional prayers, so your Lord may raise you to a station of praise." 17:79

The Story

This painting invites you to contemplate the profound blessings and spiritual serenity that come with the act of seeking God's presence during the sacred hours of the night. It reminds us that every night, we are given an opportunity to establish a deeper connection with our lord. It is an open invitation to seek forgiveness and ask for miracles.

The golden aura pouring from the moon, portrays the ethereal moment when Allah SWT descends to the lowest heaven, drawing closer to his worshippers. The moon, a symbol of the night, becomes a bridge between the earthly realm and the divine. The scrolls of Hadith illuminating in the background represent the heartfelt supplications (duas). The fabric folds are a visual metaphor for the act of rising from the comfort of our blankets in the darkness of the night. This painting is a reminder that in our moments of solitude, we are not alone; Allah is comforting us with His presence. Those who have experienced this special moment have felt a transformative journey of the soul.

"Our Lord Almighty descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of every night, saying: "Who is calling upon Me that I may answer him? Who is asking for Me that I may give him? Who is seeking My forgiveness that I may forgive him?" - Prophet Muhammed PBUH [Bukhari, reported by Abu Huraira]

The dua made at Tahajjud is like an arrow which does not miss its target" - Imam Ash-Shafi 

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This art is the must stunning piece I’ve ever seen and owned Allah Humma Barik. It perfectly reflects my love for Tahajjud <3