The most popular question:

What’s the difference between an original painting and a print?

Originals: I create a yearly collection of paintings which are sold via an exclusive online members-only launch. These are hand-painted pieces that are heavy in texture and ship only within North America. Prices for originals start at $2,500. Become a member by signing up to my newsletter to get in line for the 2019 collection. My last collection sold out within minutes alhumdulillah!

Prints: Before the paintings are shipped off to the owners, I get them professionally scanned so they can be reprinted. This way more Muslims around the world can own my art. You can choose to order my paintings as a poster or canvas and it’ll be printed specifically for you! The prints are very durable and vibrant in colour to resemble the original. Available in many sizes. We’ve been shipping worldwide since 2012!


All designs available as: 

Canvas (ready-to-hang). Prices start at $74.99

Framed Posters. Prices start at $66.99

Posters (unframed). Prices start at $24.99



Gallery quality canvases. Printed with professional grade ink and wrapped around a 1.5" wooden frame. The colours are very vivid and it's hard-backed so no flimsy canvas. 

NOTE: Not hand-painted. The canvas is flat because it’s a digital print of my painting. The textures can be seen but not felt. 

See video of a canvas: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwYlcnUAX9b/ 



Posters are ready-framed for you. Three colour options available. Quality is like Ikea frames: chipboard with a plastic front. There is NO white matte border. 

This is affordable framed art that can easily be shipped worldwide and fill your walls without breaking the bank :)

If you're looking for solid-wood and glass finish, please order just the poster and have it professionally framed. 

See video of this frame https://www.instagram.com/p/BwaHW-xAVTU/


POSTER (unframed)

Shipped in cardboard envelope or poster tube. Printed on thick satin-finish poster paper with vivid colours. 

These can be professionally framed or inserted into ready-frames. See below example of posters in an ikea frame and the professional framing done for our dining room. 




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Majority of my year goes into creating paintings for my yearly collection. Members get to grab originals during an exclusive online launch. My 2018 collection sold out within minutes! Are you ready for 2019? Sign up today

How it works:

Once my collection is ready, I will send an email to members notifying them of the upcoming launch date and time. Members get early access to view the new collection via a password protected website. Originals tend to sell out within the hour of launch due to high demand, Alhumduillah.

Expect a launch in the early spring of each year inshaAllah. A collection typically includes 5-7 paintings.

What's the medium of the art? 

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas that's wrapped around a heavy wooden frame. 


Originals only ship within North America. Due to shipping constraints, I'm unable to ship paintings elsewhere at the moment.

Can you recreate paintings? 

I do not take on custom work as each piece is unique due to its abstract nature and takes months to create. The good news is, you can purchase prints of my paintings!

Remember: The larger size canvas prints make a big impact and give life to any room




I do not recreate paintings or accept commissions. My creativity is best at work when I'm inspired and in my "zone" which is why it takes me several months to complete a painting. Custom work requires me to force my creative thinking process, resulting in a piece of art which I'm not happy with. I encourage you to sign up so you can grab an original from my yearly collection.