Makarem Ajyad 5 Star Hotel

Steps away from the Holy Kaaba

Much like our homes, the artwork at a hotel is an important decision as it creates an emotional experience for guests.

By the mercy of Allah, prints of my Islamic paintings are installed throughout this luxury hotel, steps from the Holy Kaaba.
Lisa John

Religious Heritage

Designers wanted to create a spritually infused experience for pilgrims

Jane Doe

Modern Theme

The selection of artwork was key to conveying their personal brand

Cartherin Forres

Art Gallery

Some of the world's best hotels double as art galleries to create an emotional experience


At His service.

The last time I visited the holy land, it felt like a dream. I saved every bit to make this Umrah trip possible with my parents. I remember walking through the hallways and imagining my art there. I had no connections, nor any gallery representation so, from a realistic standpoint, it seemed far-fetched. But nothing is impossible for Allah, I thought.

This year marks 10 years of my artistic journey. This experience has taught me the power of dua and what's possible when we ask with certainty. Who are we to doubt the wisdom or capacity of our creator?

The paintings you welcome into your home can now be spotted at this hotel, across the holy Kaaba. Alhumdulillah!

Saleha Contractor


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