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  • Faith allows us to cope with stress. Only way to attain peace is to find ways to become closer to Allah. Those who remind you to stay close to Allah during trials are a blessing.
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  • By the mercy of Allah, my artwork was chosen and prints of my paintings were framed and installed in all luxury suites. As of this month, the dining hall & cafe renovation is completed. The 2020 collection was incorporated. View Post
  • Have you felt physical weakness or laziness that you just can't kick off?There's something I heard few years ago, which I found really helpfulTried laying out my thoughts & key lecture notes from Shaykh Husain @sacredlearning in this postHope it helps! 🥰   View Post
  • Whatever your concerns are today, remember: Miracles do happen. Being Patient is about engaging in acts that please Allah while trusting His plan ❤When we become people who constantly seeks Allah's pleasure, we become so connected to Allah that we only expect things from Him It's easy to gain All... View Post

Saleha Contractor, Artist

As I relearn Islam, I share my lecture notes and personal experiences here.

If you find it helpful in your journey, feel free to share with your friends & family!