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  • Compete for Allah's Pleasure

    Let me paint a workplace scene for you: ⁣⁣You know when a coworker is on vacation and the other jumps to seize the opportunity.⁣⁣Works harder to prove their worth. To stand out and Impress the boss? Whether at work or at home, we've all seen that person who knows how to take advantage of the oppo... View Post
  • Work Ethic and Character in Islam

    Are you also ashamed to be seen praying in public? I'll start by saying I'm not perfect, nor have I prayed all my salahs at work but when I did...I remember being ashamed to be seen doing wudhu and then I'd close the blinds in the empty office so no one would see my pray. Until I started noticing... View Post
  • Understanding the Hijab

    Just some early morning thoughts on Hijab. 🌟Here goes: I'll be honest, I tried everything to find a way to justify not embracing the hijab. I absolutely loved my hair and dressing up regardless of what day it was.. it was my thing.I was relearning Islam and as I was getting closer to understandin... View Post

Saleha Contractor, Artist

Salam! I love oversharing when I'm excited about something. So I decided to blog my experiences on these topics:

1. Islamic knowledge

2. Mom life 

3. How I turned my creative hobby into a global business. (alhumdulillah!)

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