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Very fast shipping to Germany, very special and beautiful. I am looking forward to by more :) Please Saleha keep painting more and more. Thank you

Perfect Gift

This was my very first purchase and I am delighted with the quality. Perfect Gift for my sister and her new house.

Astagfir - Gratitude Premium Frame

Another beautiful print and frame. I ordered a few frames and canvas prints. All are beautiful to look at and remind us.


Beautiful image with an even more beautiful message! Perfect gift! Thank you!


Alhamdolillah a beautiful piece of art. Came very quickly, well packaged. Would definitely buy again.



Raining Mercy B/W

I cried when I received this!

This beautiful piece of art was gifted to me by a kindred friend and as soon as I opened it, tears flooded my eyes. I cannot wait to hang it in my library. I love the soothing color palette and the Islamic significance. It’s beautiful and I feel honored to have it in my possession.

Masha Allah wonderful art!

Assalam-o-alaikum, I am so happy with my purchase, the art piece is wonderful!

Attractive title

My wife and I love the title and the colors. We are hanging it above our dining room table. We also love how the meaning is imbedded. It’s an excellent example of modern Islamic heart that complements a modern home.

Gates of Jannah

I was looking to find a gift for my brother’s new home. I wanted Islamic verses from the Quran and something different. I came across Saleha Art and was a bit skeptical of ordering as the prints are cheap. I then found Saleha on Instagram and loved her art and thought I will give it a go. I recited Bismilla Hir-Rahman Nir-Raheem and ordered Gates of Jannah in black premium frame 24” x 36”.
The delivery took over 10 days but this was due to Christmas and New Year holidays as well as the COVID pandemic. The customer service was good I received an update on the order.
I have now received the prints and can say they are beautiful. The frame is of good quality and very nicely mounted.
I am sure my brother and his wife will be very happy With a gift that is different.
I am now going to order a few for my home and my son who recently married and moved away.
Thank you Shayista and To the artist Saleha.
I can’t wait to see the new collection.


This is such a beautiful piece, I just wish I had the original!


The art is beautiful and the print is great. We are having it framed and look forward to purchasing more in the future.



More beautiful in person

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the prints but they look amazing will be ordering more

Great quality

Great quality and perfect islamic arts, price is slightly expensive. One recommendation is to include picture hangers with the painting.

Thank you, Saleha!

Thank you

Excellent art and service

Bright Colors

Painting adds nice color to my living room, and love how there is a message behind the beautiful artwork. The colors are bright and vibrant and make a statement. Also like the abstract nature of the art.

Modern Islamic wall art

Very happy with the artwork and my purchase. I went for the largest available canvas. It would be nice if larger canvas sizes are available. Very nice prints on sturdy wooden frame. Nicely finished around the edges and back. Got delivered within the ten days. Highly recommend.

Alhamdulillah it is the most beautiful piece in our home!

Sujood print

Absolutely gorgeous 😍 ❤

For my Sons bedroom

Have this in my sons bedroom. Beautiful to look at and such a fitting purpose for your children’s rooms.

Best piece in the house

I ordered this in a canvas version. Loved the story behind it and it’s the centre piece in our living room.


I have been looking for 3 years for Islamic art for my house but everything always looked the same - until I found Saleha Arr! Stunning unique pieces of art. Customer service was second to none. Just wish I’d ordered bigger size!

Lovely art photo, very pleasant to the soul, thank you for sharing you gift with us all!Hamdulla!