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It is a museum print of the actual painting and the quality of the print plus the actual painting itself is fabulous. They cannot be any better. I am hoping to buy some more paintings from Saleha arts. Thank you


The prints arrived in a timely manner, in preserved condition. I am extremely happy to have found this artist, to fill our home with the beautiful words of Allah swt.

Best piece of Art in my house

Love Saleha’s style of calligraphy, can’t be happier with my purchase

Perfect art work for my prayer area

Ordered these to decorate my prayer area. They are beautiful and sooo inspirational. Thank you @salehaart


Delivered on time. No regrets. Absolutely stunning! The quality and design is amazing! Exactly what I wanted!

Kids pink ayatu kursi 8x10, prophète Muhammad last sermon 11x14 posters

Ma Sha Allah first, this is my second order from salehart and I am really happy the work is beautiful. Thanks again


I bought multiple artwork to place around our facility’s office spaces. I’ve gotten so many compliments for it and how it brings the room together so we’ll Masha’Allah


Like the paintings . Dua for you snd your family for this beautiful effort .

Subhunalla, I purchased 6 large posters. They are awesome and I am quiet happy with that.

Light Upon Light

Absolutely amazing pieces, we designed the interior corridors of our new house around Saleha's artwork of 5 off XXXL stretch canvas pieces and 1 off XXL stretch canvas. It's a real conversation topic for all our muslim and non muslim friends.

Repentance XXL Stretched Canvas

Absolutely amazing pieces, we designed the interior corridors of our new house around Saleha's artwork of 5 off XXL stretch canvas pieces and 1 off XL stretch canvas. It's a real conversation topic for all our muslim and non muslim friends.

Modern and beautiful

Combining Islamic calligraphy with abstract art makes this very modern and unique. Loved both the pieces and will be buying more in the future. The Story is a very valuable add on as it brings meaning to the art, I printed and added it as part of the gift however would suggest you provide a print out of The Story with the purchase also.

Love it Alhamdulillah

The prints are a beautiful and amazing additions to my house. These pieces of arts in fact display the biggest miracle of Allah that is Quran itself and i love the fact that I am being constantly reminded of some part of Quran and it’s beauty. These are beautiful visual reflections of Quranic verses, duas and letters that I hope to embed in our hearts and souls completely as a family and ummah Insha’Allah. Jazakallah khair


Great piece, beautifully crafted. The pictures on the website don’t do justice to how nice the actual prints are!

Absolutely loved them

Amazing piece of art

Such a unique piece of art. I can’t wait to show case it in my new home. May Allah reward you Saleha


Subhanallah!!! Beautiful art work absolutely stunning. I will recommend always.


Extremely happy with my purchase, I love it!

Saleha art coolness of eyes duas & First Kalima Art

This order was for my niece who just got married Alhamdulillah and wanted something for her new home so what could be better! I checked few artwork but Saleha’s art is unique in its own beautiful way. The Color’s that’s been used I her art creates an amazing ambiance ! Thank you so much

Lovely Gift.

I Sent this to my friend as a house warming gift. She loved it.

Beautiful and Meaningful

I really wanted to own the original and hope whoever ended up with is appreciate it. Really happy with the canvas replica. Was a bit skeptical when ordering it as I did not know how the texture would translate into a flat print but it’s really very beautiful. And the meaning behind it just makes it that much more priceless. Seeing it every day helps me find my balance and appreciate and focus on my faith and let go of things that bother me throughout the day. It’s a wonderful reminder and calming effect to focus on Islam. Just beautiful!!!

Beautiful piece

I am extremely please with the artwork. It looks beautiful in my living room and is an extremely eye catching piece. It’s extremely interesting to interpret and both the quality and aesthetic is outstanding. Would highly recommend

A beautiful reminder for our home

Salaams, we were building our forever family home and I was in search of a piece of Islamic art that was artistic and contemporary but also served as a reminder of Allah ﷻ and a protection for our home. I came across Saleha Art and fell in love with these two pieces. It’s subtle but powerful and I am just in love. It came really quickly and is perfect for our family room.