Understanding the Hijab

Just some early morning thoughts on Hijab. 🌟

Here goes: I'll be honest, I tried everything to find a way to justify not embracing the hijab. I absolutely loved my hair and dressing up regardless of what day it was.. it was my thing.

I was relearning Islam and as I was getting closer to understanding Allahs book, I thought "if I try to do everything else right, can this little detail of hijab be overlooked?". But the more I searched, the more I realized that it wasnt a choice. It's a command.

So how could I seek the almightys pleasure and ask him to give me the life I'm longing for or quite frankly ask for anything, without engaging in any form of submission.

Hijab is a form of submission. It's not easy. Some days I felt confident and beautiful while on other days, I'd catch my reflection walking to work and feel emotional about how crappy I looked. Felt chubby and blah. Other days, it was a safety concern. Taking the subway while looking visibly Muslim post Paris attacks, had me afraid for the safety of myself and my unborn child.

It was the hardest during post partum. I gained weight and had low self confidence. Its more than just your looks. This affects your mood and in turn your relationships.

For those that may be struggling with it or considering it. Here are few things that help me:

1. Understand that if you're doing something to seek Allahs pleasure, he will make it easy for you and you will be rewarded.

2. You will be tested. Don't give up during the hard times.

3. Remember one thing when it comes to hijab/attire: If you can't pray Salah in it, then something is not right.

4. All women have different experiences growing up so their opinions shouldn't affect how you practice your faith. Some were forced to cover and/or grew up with misogynist men so they may feel entirely different about Islam.

5. If you need to wear it in your own way to feel confident and as a result, happier. Do it. So long as you'd feel comfortable walking into a masjid in that attire. Your heart will lead.

My apologies if I offended anyone, it was not my intention🥰 But we cannot step over Allahs commands to satisfy humans. It's our duty to remind. To myself first💕

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