The Power of Night Prayer

Did you know? Surah Fatiha is a conversation between us and Allah

You’d be surprised at how close you feel to Allah swt in night prayer. Especially, the last third of the night when he’s at the lowest level asking “who’s awake & needs me?”. So cry. It’s a way of gaining closeness to Allah swt.

Believe it or not, some people aren’t able to cry in sujood. I’m not talking about crying in every salah but those special nights where you just want to stay in sujood asking for help.

Some people may not have been put through such difficulties that would make them weep in prayer. It’s a greater test to be given blessings. So something I heard long ago was, “if you can’t cry, try to make a sad facial expression in sujood” remind yourself about the boldness of you committing sins and fearing the day you meet Allah swt in that state.

One of the seven whom Allah swt will give shade to under his throne is he who lets tears flow while alone. Why alone? Because that’s when we can easily commit sins. It’s a time when our hearts are hardened and we’re not crying to show others.

So remembering Allah when you’re alone is so precious to him.

Remember to praise him in dua. Read his names with the meanings if that helps. “Ya Allah, you split the sea for Musa AS. Nothing’s impossible for you. You are al Jabar (the restorer), ar Razzaq (the provider), al Ghafur (all forgiving), al Majeed (the glorious), Ar Raheem (the most merciful). So please help me”. Sometimes you need a good cry. One that makes you feel comforted in a way no words can explain.

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