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  • Allah has a hijab

    Allah has a hijab, which itself is Noor. ⁣⁣⁣⁣If He were to raise the hijab, the rays of light from His noble face would destroy everything in existence. (sahih Muslim)⁣⁣⁣⁣Musa (AS) was the only Prophet who spoke directly to Allah. When he asked to see Him, Allah said I will show myself to the mou... View Post
  • Yesterday, I turned a year older. ⁣⁣It just happened to be the same day I wrote a post that ruffled a ton of feathers. Many of you forwarded the post to friends and family. Not everyone had smooth discussion. RE: Christmas trees in Muslim homes.⁣Right before I posted, I had the thought of my inco... View Post
  • I remember the on boarding process at the CN Tower⁣.⁣They took us to a room, turned off the lights and played a video. I remember theatrical music.. showing media clips of the CN tower, facts and figures with flashy graphics. ⁣⁣The purpose was to create excitement like you were part something muc... View Post
  • Understanding the Hijab

    Just some early morning thoughts on Hijab. 🌟 Here goes: I'll be honest, I tried everything to find a way to justify not embracing the hijab. I absolutely loved my hair and dressing up regardless of what day it was.. it was my thing.I was relearning Islam and as I was getting closer to understandi... View Post

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