Are you also ashamed to be seen praying Salah in public?

I'll start by saying I'm not perfect, nor have I prayed all my salahs at work but when I did...
I remember being ashamed to be seen doing wudhu and then I'd close the blinds in the empty office so no one would see my pray.

Until I started noticing people talking about the importance of meditation at work and moving around at 3PM when you start feeling sleepy... or better yet, fasting! Discussing the importance of fasting because now it's so popular.

It got me thinking about the 3 core activities that we shy away from discussing at work:

1. SALAH is a form of meditation like yoga. It has 6 postures which have mental and physical health benefits. E.g- reduces stiffness in joints, improves digestion and blood circulation, pressing the head in sujood helps depression. 

2. WUDHU, Points of washing ourselves during wudhu have benefits. Washing our arms helps blood circulation resulting in more energy, the nose prevents microbic diseases, hands reduces respiratory diseases, the mouth prevents systematic diseases.

Hydrotherapy: Applying water of different temperatures to our skin can change our physiology and mood. Helps anxiety and depression. Aka wudhu 

3. FASTING is detox for your body and spirituality. E.g- stimulates brain and heart function, boosts the immune system, improves glucose tolerance, helps prevent cancer, promotes weight loss etc   

Ramadan is a month long because to form a habit, scientifically, it takes 30 days. 


After knowing all this.. Why is it that we muslims are ashamed to discuss these things openly with the fear of being labeled as "too religious or backwards" when others brand all these behaviors and activities as living a "meditative lifestyle".


So I changed it up a bit. Getting up to do wudhu and pray salah was now done openly and if anyone looked or questioned, I'd say "it's time for my prayer and 15min meditation so I can revive myself". Guess what, I'd actually come back refreshed so it actually was a benefit to my employer. Your work speaks for itself so there's also no need to justify anything.

I noticed that people respect you when you're a believer and stand by your practices. They wont necessarily say it but you'll see a change in attitude. Something about commitment maybe?
Because if you respect your lord, and are committed to obeying.. it perhaps shows that you'd respect others and their time as well. Islam should influence your work ethic and character for the good.

Sheikh Zufiqar once gave the following advice to someone and I think it's so important "Your work ethic should be such that your employer wonders, what will happen if he/she leaves us".


The harder you work, the more energy you'll have. Sheikh Hussein Abdul Sattar mentioned that when he observes successful people, he notices that they have achieved great heights in both their careers and in their deen.

Before I end this...

Remember how we couldn't get enough of how the west finally discovered the benefits of this Haldi Milk? "Golden Latte" 

Let's bring that same energy to spreading knowledge about our  "Meditative Lifestyle" aka Islamic Way of Living

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