Tawakkul: Put your trust in Allah

Maryam (A.S) was the greatest woman to have ever lived. She has the honor of being the only woman to be mentioned by name in the Qur’aan. The perfect example of modesty and devotion.

When her mother Hanna conceived after many years of struggle, she vowed to pledge her child to serving the blessed masjid, and sought refuge in Allah from Shaytaan. Her dua was answered and her promise was kept.

Maryam (A.S) spent her time in secluded worship in a private prayer room in the eastern part of the blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa. She was under the care of her righteous uncle and prophet, Zakariyya (A.S.) One day, the angel Jibreel appeared before her, giving her glad tidings of the arrival of a child to be named Isa (A.S.) She wondered how it was possible. He told her that this matter was already decreed by Allah. He only has to say “Be! And it is”. He then told her that she is already pregnant and he blew into her.

At the age of only 16, she had to deliver the child on her own. She hid from society, and as the pains of childbirth grew, it drove her to the trunk of a palm tree in a secluded area. The agony was so strong, she wished she was dead and forgotten. Allah then responds through Jibreel

"Don't grieve, Allah has placed a river stream beneath you and shake the trunk of this palm tree, fresh ripe dates will fall upon you".

When she returned to her people, she knew she was bringing home an unexplained infant, yet she kept her trust in Allah (tawakkul) and followed the command of 'fasting from speaking'. Then, Allah revealed the truth as baby Isa (A.S.) spoke from the cradle.

Through the years of worship, Allah was preparing her to trust in him in this crucial moment. The story of Maryam (A.S) is a lesson in trusting and relying on Allah to protect us in any situation. There is wisdom behind a test. The greatest reward comes through the greatest trials.

Calligraphy: Kun FayaKun
Meaning: (Be! and it is)


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