Studies show that it takes 30 days to form new habits and let go of bad ones. Think about how often we see a 30 day challenge.

The month of Ramadan was sent as a gift for mankind. A month of transformation, to cleanse our souls and bodies. Everything that has been prescribed to us has benefits.

I hope the breakdown below inspires us to be more appreciative when engaging in the commandments of Allah.


Detox for Mind & Body

  • Stimulates brain and heart function by encouraging growth of new cells.
  • Boosts the immune system by repairing the gut lining and removing harmful toxins. 
  • Stabilizes glucose levels.
  • Cleanses our body of damaged cells and helps regenerate healthier cells.
  • Our body uses the stored fat for energy which results in weight loss. 
  • Helps produce collagen which leads to healthier skin.
  • Leads to mental clarity & increase in energy from the reduction of calorie and sugar intake.

Fasting has countless benefits and is the lifestyle method to staying fit & healthy. Outside of Ramadan, the Prophet PBUH use to keep a fast on Mondays and Thursdays. He wanted to be in a state of fast on the days our deeds are presented to Allah.

When we show our willpower by hushing the pangs of hunger for the sake of Allah in this blessed month, we recognize our true strength. These 30 days will train us on becoming God-conscious which is the ultimate state we want to be in.


Hydrotherapy & Purification

Washing our arms helps blood circulation resulting in more energy. Cleansing the nose prevents microbic diseases. Cleansing the hands reduces respiratory diseases. Cleansing the mouth prevents systematic diseases. Applying water of different temperatures to our skin can change our physiology and mood. Helps anxiety and depression.

According to Chinese medicine, the 61 of the 66 powerful BASes (biologically active spots) that are responsible for particular organs are covered in the act of Wudhu.


Mediation & Worship

Every posture has mental and physical health benefits. Reduces stiffness around joints in the spine, neck, back and legs. Improves digestion & blood circulation. Pressing the head in sujood helps depression. The continuous-gentle muscle contractions and peaceful breathing creates relaxation that regulates our nervous system.




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