Children Bring Barakah. A personal story.

These past years have been the toughest and most challenging. I've grown but after hitting rock bottom multiple times. Motherhood is tough. Then you add life and all your other roles and responsibilities.

It's physically and mentally so draining.
Life is a whole other ball game after kids but that doesn't give anyone the right to tell expecting moms that "your life will be over, enjoy what's left of it". I can go on about all the negative advice I received that threw my anxiety out the roof.

We had signed for a house one week before learning about my pregnancy. Which means, although I was excited, I was also extremely nervous about my income being cut in half from mat leave and unexpected baby costs. All of which we didn't account for before making this big decision.

Someone said to me "children bring their own barakah so don't stress, trust him". So those months leading up to my delivery, I worked like never before.

I was thankful for the moms who said things like "you'll figure out a routine that works for you and your baby". "The first few months will be difficult then you'll find your new balance". Note that all the moms I'm thankful for, gave some sort of hope. Were the other moms right about it being super tough, absolutely.

But our children, spouses, family and situations are all different hence, we'll have different experiences. It's like a project, some start it with a "can-do" attitude, some expect the worst from the start leading to resentment and others just cruise through it, taking it a day at a time.

Its important for us to remember that Children are a BLESSING from Allah swt. We need to seek strength and patience from Him. Trust Him. He will provide from sources you never imagined.

The strength of the mother is like no other. Don't let society crush your dreams. Most of the women I look up to have achieved peak success after having kids. Some took breaks and came back with a bang. Others somehow managed both!

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