Have you felt physical weakness or laziness that you just can't kick off?

I'm back in the studio after sometime but it didn't come easy. Had a difficult time doing simple chores in the last few weeks. I'm sure sleep deprivation had something to do with it but there's something I read years ago, which I really see truth in.

Here goes: So when our Ruh (soul) is in unrest mode, that affects us physically. It's like a cloud of weakness that lingers, leaving us agitated at our state and wondering why we can't get as much done in the same 24hrs as others.

I googled everything to stick a label on why I was feeling this way. I know I shouldn't Google symptoms but I'm human and I wanted a magical answer to understand why I was feeling so weak.

I bought all sorts of vitamins which I'm sure helped but I suddenly remembered that I had experienced this in the past. It was closely tied to the idea that my faith needs attention. Although I was praying salah, it was a quick 5 min session with my mind thinking about my chores. My top youtube suggestions were no longer surahs or lectures.

Many things can affect our Ruh (soul). We could be engaging in acts that violate it (sins) or we simply aren't worshipping.. our faith is at a low point so although we may still pray a few salahs, it lacks connection. We haven't cried in salah for a long time. Or we haven't opened the Quran.

Notice how when we're faced with trials, our salah has so much depth. Our tongues have surahs or durood shareef. It comes so easy. When we start noticing the patterns, our faith starts to become stronger. We start understanding the concept of "For indeed with hardship, will be ease".

There are blessings during trials that we don't often notice. Sometimes we need these trials, whether small or big to help bring us closer to Allah swt. 


"Do people think theyll be left alone, because they say 'we believe' and will not be tested"

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