Not trying to be philosophical here but as I sit here planning my to-do list, I can't help but think why I was lucky enough to have this privileged life.

Taking breaks to scroll social media and seeing woman my age suffering. Living in fear with their precious children. Whether its India, Kashmir, Syria, Palestine or China. It's so hard to see especially when you picture yourself in that situation.

Neither of us got to choose where we were born or how we were raised. It was Allah swt will. We've been tested differently.

We all love talking about Jannah and avoid thoughts of the DAY OF JUDGEMENT. But its inevitable.
There are so many signs now.

If it gives us anxiety to think about it then let's work differently. Instead of fearing the day, let's try picturing ourselves meeting the almighty with a smile and joy knowing that a beautiful life awaits. Then consider how we'd do this if we've been disobeying him. If we've been ignoring his commands and going on with life. How could we ask for shade under his throne when the sun will be so near?

Maybe seeing it this way may help us improve our ways. Looking forward to meeting Him instead of fearing the day and getting overwhelmed... for some, fear means pushing the thought of qiyamat to the side and continuing with life.

We have one chance.
1. Salah will be the first thing we're asked about in the grave
2. Charity will continue giving us rewards after our death
3. Pious children will send us prayers
4. Being good will make people remember us
5. Helping others (servants of Allah) will make Him swt happy

We've come so far that we no longer remember what's a sin. Let's stop and reflect before it's too late.

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