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  • Becoming a Morning Person

    This decade did something I never thought possible.I became a MORNING person! I've been a night owl all my life and I HATED mornings. Never thought I'd love waking up before everyone. I don't always get to with a 3 & 1 year old but when I do, it's amazing! As a mom, we deserve our ME time to ... View Post
  • Children Bring Barakah. A personal story.

    These past years have been the toughest and most challenging. I've grown but after hitting rock bottom multiple times. Motherhood is tough. Then you add life and all your other roles and responsibilities. It's physically and mentally so draining. Life is a whole other ball game after kids but tha... View Post

Saleha Contractor, Artist

Salam! I love oversharing when I'm excited about something. So I decided to blog my experiences on these topics:

1. Islamic knowledge

2. Mom life 

3. How I turned my creative hobby into a global business. (alhumdulillah!)

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