Allah alone is enough for us

We will always be alone, unless...

There are moments we can recall when we felt helpless, exhausted, defeated, or overwhelmed with sadness. It could've been during a phase in our life when when we were in the middle of a storm, when things just kept getting worse. OR a regular day that turned upside down and suddenly all the built up exhaustion poured out.

In either which scenario, you'll recall feeling very lonely. Realizing that no one, no matter your relation, they were unable to fill that void. That part of you, your inner child, who needs nurturing. You no longer felt strong/capable and instead, you wanted to be cared for like a child.

You almost visualize the child within you curled up and crying, seeking comfort. One that has needs but doesn’t have the right words to describe how they're feeling and what solution they're seeking. You're almost looking for a giant hug to calm the nerves and make your pain disappear.

In those moments, we realize that the only one who can truly help us is the creator of this world.

Imagining ourselves being comforted closely by God or standing in His shade will bring a sense of ease. It's this realization that it was always just you & Him. The idea is to stop searching for comfort in humans. To lower the expectation in His creation. They can try to help but they cannot give your heart peace. The impact of their attempts will be temporary.

We need to remind ourselves that Allah alone is enough for us. He is closer to us than our jugular vein. He knows what's in our hearts and what we need most. Once we start having conversations with Him, during the highs and lows, we'll begin to notice a shift in who we naturally rely on. This sacred bond will bring blessings we never imagined.

Next time we feel lonely, let's be mindful of who our hearts first seek out. When we get good news or experience happiness, who do we first think of? It's an indication of the state of our relationship with God.

May He make us closer to Him

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