Saleha Contractor

'100 Inspirational Icons Whose Actions Changed the World'
Saleha Contractor's artistic expression combines abstract art and calligraphy to chronicle Islamic history in a non-traditional way.
Tasmiha Khan, Journalist

Islamic Art

Let's engage with our faith, creatively.
Original Paintings

I spend the year creating a collection of six storytelling Islamic paintings using mixed media on wood panels.

Annual Online Auction
Art collectors globally are invited to join this live one-day auction. To own an original, get on the members list below. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Once the originals are claimed, we scan the paintings to create prints. This way, more Muslims welcome art into their home.

We have labs in the United Kingdom, USA, & Australia that produce and ship all posters, and ready-to-hang frames and canvases to your door.

Dua Accepted
Gallery in the holiest site.

The designers for this 5-star hotel wanted to create a spiritually infused experience for pilgrims while complementing their modern aesthetic. Prints of my paintings were framed & installed throughout the hotel, turning it into a gallery.

Across the Holy Kaaba, Makkah
May the art bring the rememberance of Allah swt into your home. Our faith is the legacy we'll leave behind for future generations.


Saleha Contractor

Artist & Founder


The She Series Book

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Plus, exclusive promotions on prints. Occasionally, I'll share Islamic reminders and gifts.
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