Saleha Contractor

"Saleha's artistic expression combines abstract art and calligraphy to chronicle Islamic history in a non-traditional way." -Tasmiha, Journalist
Over 10 years ago, I went on a journey to relearn Islam.

Amazed by this blessed religion, I decided to find a creative way to tell Islamic stories. Combining abstract art and Islamic calligraphy allowed me to create visual representations of Prophetic stories and Quranic verses.

Born in Toronto, Canada, into modest beginnings, I learned the value of hard work and determination early on. Through countless hours of practice and dedication, my skills evolved. By the mercy of Allah, my art began to resonate with others. It was inspiring conversations with friends and family across the globe. Muslims were connecting with the stories of the Prophets and finding comfort in the lessons and teachings. 

"Your paintings are like a mental puzzle. Aesthetically pleasing & intellectually stimulating"

When the 5-Star Hotel in Makkah, across the Holy Kaaba, decided to fill the property with my art- it was the greatest achievement. The first time I visited the holy lands, I had saved every penny to make our Umrah possible with my parents. So this was truly humbling. God's will has no limits.

After starting a family, I reflected on my purpose here and the legacy I want to leave behind. So I quit the corporate world to spend my days turning Islamic teachings into timeless art for future generations.

I'm grateful for this talent and it is my duty to use it for good. Thank you for supporting my journey.


Saleha Contractor

Artist & Founder

The Process

Originals & Prints
Original Paintings

I spend the year creating a collection of six Islamic paintings using mixed media on wood panels. Every piece is filled with heavy texture and detail that requires months of work. Listening to lectures and researching the specific Prophetic story or Quranic ayah is part of the process. 

The art should be able to guide the viewer and invoke emotions, so the weight of conveying such powerful verses requires patience.

Annual Online Auction
Art collectors globally are invited to join this live one-day auction. Alhumdulillah, the last 60 seconds are intense! Majority of my collectors are based in the UK & US.

To own an original, get on the members list below. My studio is based in Toronto, Canada.
Once the originals are claimed, we scan the paintings to create prints. This way, more Muslims can own the art.

We have labs in the UK, USA & AU that produce and ship all posters, and ready-to-hang frames and canvases to your door. My support team will ensure you receive the art securely.
Heirloom Piece


"Our faith is the legacy we'll leave behind for future generations"

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