Saleha Contractor, artist

Nine years ago, I went on a journey to relearn Islam, and since then, I've been storytelling through art. Powerful art inspires conversations, and that has been my driving force. I've created a distinct style using abstract art and Islamic calligraphy.

Here's how it works

Based in Toronto, Canda. 
I'm on a mission to spread the beauty of Islam and inspire closeness to Allah swt one painting at a time.  
One Yearly Collection

I spend nine months creating one yearly collection of Islamic paintings using mixed media on wood panels. These paintings are inspired by Islamic history & ahadith. 

  • Six paintings
  • Quranic ayahs & contemporary art
  • Heavy details and textures 
Annual Online Auction
Art collectors from the UK & US are invited to join this live one-day auction. There are only six originals with over 7,000 members. The last 60 seconds are always intense! 
Last year, the auction prices went up to $11,000 alhumdulillah
Prints (posters, canvas & frames)
Once the originals are claimed, we scan the paintings to create prints. This way, more of you around the world can own my art and have the rememberance of Allah swt in your homes.

We have print labs in the UK, USA & Australia that produce and ship all posters, and ready-to-hang frames and canvases to your door.