Let me paint a workplace scene for you: ⁣

You know when a coworker is on vacation and the other jumps to seize the opportunity.⁣

Works harder to prove their worth. To stand out and Impress the boss? Whether at work or at home, we've all seen that person who knows how to take advantage of the opportunity. ⁣

So my point? ⁣
Everyone will be praying in ramadhan inshaAllah. But how many people are presenting themselves in the middle of the night to say "here I am ya Allah, I'm in need of your help" OUTSIDE of Ramadhan?⁣

"The time to compete for Allah swt pleasure is at a time when Allah swt is most forgotten.⁣ This is the time when people of excellence seek to compete for Allahs pleasure, to really stand out. When everyone else is heedless." - SH Omar suleiman ⁣
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Tonight for some countries, & tomorrow for North America. Seize the opportunity! ⁣

The Prophet (saw) said that on this night, from sunset until dawn, Allah asks His servants, ′Is there anyone seeking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone seeking provision from Me so I may provide for him? Is there anyone suffering so I may relieve his suffering?′ (Ibn Majah)⁣

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What can you do in Sha'ban? ⁣

1. DHIKR ⁣
We may have little time to ourselves during this quarantine period. We're exhausted but let's be honest, we save time on commuting/drop offs. It's a blessing in a way. Be still.⁣
Use that saved time to remember Allah. ⁣
The best is La ilaha illa Allah Muhammed rasulrallah. Simple.⁣

Everyone is uncertain about the future and their financial status. ⁣
Giving $5-50 is nothing knowing that the little generosity will be seen by Allah. You helped his servants when you were also in a difficult situation. Do you think he won't see your sacrifice? You might be blessed with something greater inshaAllah⁣

In the last third of the night when Allah is in the lowest heavens asking "who is calling upon me so incna answer? Who is seeking my forgiveness so I can forgive?". ⁣
The best prayer after the obligatory prayer is Tahajjud

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