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  • The Power of Night Prayer

    Did you know? Surah Fatiha is a conversation between us and Allah You’d be surprised at how close you feel to Allah swt in night prayer. Especially, the last third of the night when he’s at the lowest level asking “who’s awake & needs me?”. So cry. It’s a way of gaining closeness to Allah swt... View Post
  • Not trying to be philosophical here but as I sit here planning my to-do list, I can't help but think why I was lucky enough to have this privileged life. Taking breaks to scroll social media and seeing woman my age suffering. Living in fear with their precious children. Whether its India, Kashmir... View Post
  • Have you felt physical weakness or laziness that you just can't kick off? I'm back in the studio after sometime but it didn't come easy. Had a difficult time doing simple chores in the last few weeks. I'm sure sleep deprivation had something to do with it but there's something I read years ago, w... View Post

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