I remember the on boarding process at the CN Tower⁣.

They took us to a room, turned off the lights and played a video. I remember theatrical music.. showing media clips of the CN tower, facts and figures with flashy graphics. ⁣

The purpose was to create excitement like you were part something much greater than a tourist destination. ⁣

"You're an ambassador for Toronto" they'd say. The words sit with you. ⁣

They made you realize that your interaction with visitors at this site would leave an IMPRESSION ..of Toronto. ⁣We had to be on our best behaviors. There were cameras everywhere. No chatting. Focus only on giving the customer the best experience, not so much forceful up selling. ⁣

What's this have to do with #worldhijabday ? ⁣

The moment we embrace the hijab, we become ambassadors of this religion.

Our actions, words and behavior speak for something far greater. ⁣

We DON'T NEED theatrical music.⁣

We are worshippers of Allah (swt).

For every 5 persons, 1 is a Muslim. The fastest growing religion from the call of one human being.⁣

From the moment we leave our home, we are "on the job". ⁣
Our attire tells people who we are, what we believe before we even speak. ⁣

Yes, all Muslims are being watched by Allah and making an effort to represent, as we should. But the Hijab turns sisters into a spokesperson for a religion. One that's highly criticized. We feel the responsibility for cleaning up the PR mess left by extremists. ⁣

It can be tiring when we are always "on the job". We're not trying to "up sell" and convert people. We simply realize that our character is a form of customer service for our religion. Its Dawah in the simplest form.⁣

We're human. We have bad days, we can't smile, hold doors and be on our best behavior in public all the time.⁣

The hijab is not easy. Sisters go through life phases where surviving is the most they can do. Giving birth, divorce, seeking partner, abuse, illness etc.⁣

These phases may affect how we perform on this responsibility i.e.- how we wear it, how we act.⁣

May Allah (swt) reward us all for the efforts made to exemplify His religion.

May this act of submission be accepted

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