The Importance of Jummah

Growing up we understood the importance of Jummah.

There was a different atmosphere in our homes and communities. ⁣
With almost a year of masjid closures here, things are different. Jummah prayer for some of us is just a salah with extra prayers unfortunately.⁣

When I found myself moping around in pajamas doing the same old chores as rest of the week... something clicked. If I'm not taking the responsibility of beautifying this blessed day, how can I expect the children to miraculously understand its importance. They see the prayers and Quran but its not the whole experience.⁣

I remember the TV wasn't playing in the background, instead Quran or grandmother reciting. Home was clean, organized and scents were lit. Line up for showers. Clean clothes. Men in the house rushed out for prayers. Mother was on the prayer mat for longer period than rest of the week. ⁣

Its the sensory experience. Three of these: sight, hearing and smell. We can recall particular memories based on these senses. ⁣

There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes Dua in it, his du'a will definitely be accepted.

Jummah Etiquette

  • Take shower & cut nails
  • Wear clean clothes and apply nice scent
  • Recite first & last ten verses of Surah Kahf
  • Pray Jummah and send Duroods
  • Listen to Qur'an or Qutbah online
  • Give Charity

What is it that you do to honor this day?
Or what do you recall from your childhood?

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