As you all know, over the past few years, the 5-Star Makarem Ajyad hotel in Makkah was undergoing major renovations to modernize the luxury property.

Much like our homes, the artwork is an important decision as it's one of the first things guests notice when they enter a property.

"Some of the world's best hotels double as art galleries"

The designers wanted the hotel to create a spiritually infused experience for Muslims visiting the holy land. So the selection of artwork was key to conveying their personal brand and creating an emotional engagement.

By the mercy of Allah, my artwork was chosen and prints of my paintings were framed and installed in all luxury suites. As of this month, the dining hall & cafe renovation is completed. The 2020 collection was incorporated.

The art you have in your homes can now be spotted at this hotel when you visit! May Allah swt invite us to His home soon, Ameen
The last time I visited the holy land, it felt like a dream. I saved every bit to make this trip possible with my parents. I remember walking through the hallways and imagining my art there. I had no connections, nor any gallery representation so, from a realistic standpoint, it seemed far-fetched. But nothing is impossible for Allah, I thought.

Next year will mark 10 years of my artistic journey. I can't thank you all enough for supporting me😢

This experience has taught me the power of supplication and what's possible when we ask with certainty. Who are we to doubt the wisdom or capacity of our creator? 

May Allah accept my efforts & continue to allow me to create
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