We live in a state of fear.

Fear of our health deteriating, losing our income, wellbeing of our loved ones, safety of our children, future outcomes etc.

We have to make peace with what we cannot control. We need Allah to answer our prayers but not in a way we think is right but in a way in which He knows is best for us.

When things are good, we're worried it'll go away. When things are bad, we're worried it won't get better.

Stress is part of being human. It will only be completely gone when we enter Jannah, inshaAllah

Sincere belief should bring calmness to our hearts. Trust in His plan. Knowing that Allah swt will reward you for your patience.

Faith allows us to cope with stress. Only way to attain peace is to find ways to become closer to Allah. Those who remind you to stay close to Allah during trials are a blessing.

Qur'an tells us: When people of jannah enter first thing they'll say "Alhamdulillah! Finally, we have no cause to worry or grieve, finally nothing to be anxious about".

This indicates that this world is associated with feeling anxious. Every part of our journey will bring us anxiety & grief

Imaan and stress are not mutually exclusive

It's okay to be anxious. But let it not overcome you and put you in a state of misery and disbelief. There should be no guilt in feeling anxiety. People of piety, those with strong imaan also felt stressed. 

Mother of Musa (AS) was full of grief when she placed her child in the water. Maryam (AS) was immensely stressed when she gave birth alone. Yaqub (AS) cried so much, his eyes became whitened (almost blind).

As Muslims, we have tools to minimize stress

Belief in Predestination
  • Everything happens by the decree of Allah.

  • Trust His plan.

  • Sincere belief brings contentment to hearts
Say: Nothing is going to happen to me except what Allah has decreed. The one who has placed in this situation will help me overcome it. My Allah will not abandon me.


 Lecture notes from @yasir.qadhi

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