Have you felt physical weakness or laziness that you just can't kick off?

There's something I heard few years ago, which I found really helpful

As life unfolds, we may find ourselves in this state: weak, demotivated & tired.

What's the spiritual reason?

Ruh [ROO.H] soul

When our Ruh is in unrest mode, that affects us physically. It's like a cloud of weakness that lingers, leaving us agitated at our state

What does this mean?

From a spiritual perspective, we may be engaging in acts that violate (sins) our Ruh or we simply aren't focused on our purpose here (worship)


When our faith is at low point, we may be worshipping but it lacks connection

  • Have you cried in Salah recently?
  • Is your tongue busy with dhikr?
  • What are you listening to?

Notice when we face trials, our salah has so much depth. Our tongues have dhikr. We listen to lectures or Qur'an. It becomes so easy.

When we start noticing the patterns, our faith begins to strengthen. We understand "For indeed with hardship, comes ease." There are blessings during trials that bring us closer to Him. So our Ruh craves this connection on good days. 

While it's important to focus on our health and wellbeing, we should also be mindful of the state of our Ruh (Soul)

Do people think they'll be left alone because they say "we believe" and will not be tested?

We are tested during trials & blessings. Focus on your connection with Allah and watch how he handles your affairs

Tried laying out my thoughts & key lecture notes from Shaykh Husain @sacredlearning in this post

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