The last verses of Surah Yaseen were revealed after THIS INCIDENT: ⁣

  • One of the chiefs of Makkah (disbeliever), came up with a rotten bone of a dead person, from the graveyard. ⁣
  • He broke and crushed it into pieces on front of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and scattering its particles in the air, said.-⁣

“O Muhammad, you say that the dead will be raised back to life. Tell us who will give life to these decayed and rotten bones?” ⁣

So Allah (swt) revealed the last verses. ⁣

Allah (swt) scolds the disbeliever for their arrogance and doubting the concept of Resurrection. Reminds us to ponder on His creation. He created a body and gave life to it when it didn't exist. ⁣
He (swt) can say "Be!" And it forms. ⁣

We have been given the ability to observe and think so we are encouraged to reflect upon Allah's creations and understand His mighty power. ⁣

To Him we belong, to Him we will return ⁣

Why do we recite Surah Yaseen upon those that are passing away?

It makes it easy for the Ruh to depart because, in this Surah, the Ruh is being told that it will live forever.

This death is bodily death. 
Our Ruh lives on

Authentic report - Yasir Qadhi


  • Part 1: The past history
  • Part 2: The signs around us
  • Part 3: The future, day of judgment & resurrection... heaven & hell
  • Conclusion: Allah reminds us oh His power. Tells us to ponder on His creation. Ultimately, He will resurrect!

MAIN THEME:  Allah's power to resurrect the dead & preparation to meet Allah (SWT) on the day of judgment

According to the traditions related by Ibn ‘Abbas, Qatadah and Said bin Jubair⁣
Reference: tafsir of ibn kathir & abul ala maududi 

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