🚨The last verses of Surah Yaseen were revealed after THIS INCIDENT: ⁣

👉One of the chiefs of Makkah (disbeliever), came up with a rotten bone of a dead person, from the graveyard. ⁣

🦴 He broke and crushed it into pieces on front of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and scattering its particles in the air, said.-⁣

“O Muhammad, you say that the dead will be raised back to life. Tell us who will give life to these decayed and rotten bones?” ⁣

📜So Allah (swt) revealed the last verses. ⁣
Allah (swt) scolds the disbeliever for their arrogance and doubting the concept of Resurrection. Reminds us to ponder on His creation. He created a body and gave life to it when it didn't exist. ⁣
He (swt) can say "Be!" And it forms. ⁣

🧠We have been given the ability to observe and think so we are encouraged to reflect upon Allah's creations and understand His mighty power. ⁣

💙To Him we belong, to Him we will return ⁣

According to the traditions related by Ibn ‘Abbas, Qatadah and Said bin Jubair⁣
Reference: tafsir of ibn kathir & abul ala maududi 

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