During Prophet Muhammad PBUHs time, there were no banks. ⁣

There was no protection for your belongings if you had to leave for any reason. Anyone could walk into your home and take your valuables. ⁣

Within his community, he was the trusted person. He was trustworthy, truthful & honest. People would deposit their valuables with him before leaving home knowing that they'd certainly get it back... safely upon return! ⁣

So imagine this. ⁣

The person in their community who they know to be a good human being, now brings them a message.⁣

No matter what they thought of the message, they had no choice but to ask the question: ⁣

"How could he bring us something other than good if all we know of him is good." ⁣

This was such dominant part of dawah. They couldn't blemish his character ⁣

"This was major mechanism with which they were able to spread the deen."

A sign of piety is the behavior of an individual. Our character is very important. How we behave within our homes and in our society. ⁣

Every time we're reminded of stories that reflect on the character of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, its an opportunity for us to look within and be honest.⁣

1. What impression do we leave people with? ⁣
2. How do we behave with our closest and dearest? ⁣
3. What will people say about us after our passing?

Story: How did the Prophet silently invite people to the deen?

"Character was a major mechanism with which they were able to spread the deen."

Lecture notes: Shaykh Husain (Sacredlearning.org)⁣

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