When we start raising children, we realize how much effort and work is required.

What we saw as just activities, outings, dinner time, lunch prep, homework, madresa etc.- it all required ton of energy and commitment from our parents to fulfill these duties.⁣

Giving birth is easy. Its raising the child that's hard.⁣

If we truly want to make an impact on our children by guiding them to success in both Deen and Dunya, we have to invest the time. Being a parent is super difficult some days.⁣

We have to be:⁣
  • Available (present, in the moment)⁣
  • Fully committed ⁣
  • Be involved ⁣
  • Be patient
We realize that having the title of mom or dad isn't enough. It comes with responsibility.⁣

Now this doesn't mean that we have to commit all our waking hours to our children. Its about the time during which we are present, to be 100% invested. Being aware of what we are teaching or doing. As it will all come back to us one day. ⁣

This example of raising children is helpful in understanding our purpose here.⁣

The title of "Muslim" is not enough. Sitting back and doing the bare minimum will give us the same minimal results. ⁣

If we commit some time daily towards learning and applying the knowledge of Islam to our life. Imagine the results.⁣

Daily prayers is like feeding ourselves and children, it nourishes us and is required. Some ways we can commit more effort to deen: ⁣
  • Learn from online lectures on different topics (life of the Prophet PBUH, etc)⁣
  • Learn Quran with tajweed (I didn't realize how many adults do this, I hope to start it some day)
  • Recite Quran for 15 mins ⁣
  • Give charity or help someone⁣

How much we invest determines the magnitude of the returns.

This concept applies to everything in life. Marriage, children, job, business, health & most importantly: our faith.⁣

Notes from: "Everything comes from Allah" by Shaykh Hussein Abdul Sattar

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