Legacy | ZamZam & Bismillah

Inspired by the story of ZamZam

Dua before drinking ZamZam & 'Bismillah'

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Calligraphy: Dua before drinking ZamZam & Bismillah

1. "O Allah! I ask you for beneficial knowledge, and plentiful sustenance and cure from every illness"

2. "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful"


The Story 

The legacy of Hajar (A.S.) is so powerful that it gives us hope during moments of uncertainty. Her character is truly inspiring.

Ibrahim (A.S.) took Hajar (A.S) and their child Ismael (A.S.) to Makkah. At the time, the foundation of the Kaaba was buried beneath dirt, but he knew that he was on sacred grounds. In the abandoned desert, he set up a little area with some dates and only the slightest amount of water. With great sadness and pain, he left his wife and child to continue on his mission.


Hajar (A.S)  understood that this was the command of Allah and that they would not be neglected. She had complete trust in Allah. Upon needing water for her child, she ran between the mountains of Safa & Marwa. As she raised her head, she sees the Angel Jibreel. He struck the ground with his heel and water gushed out. Afraid that the water would dry out, she says "ZamZam" (stop! stop!) while carving out the area to contain it. The Prophet (PBUH) said, had she not done that, the entire earth would've been touched by ZamZam water.


Hajar (A.S) is commemorated by millions of pilgrims to this day. This beautifully demonstrates the ayah where Allah says "I am what my servant expects of me". Allah will always make a way out for those who are conscious of him.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful art


Great piece, beautifully crafted. The pictures on the website don’t do justice to how nice the actual prints are!

Fatima Matin
Beautiful and Meaningful

I really wanted to own the original and hope whoever ended up with is appreciate it. Really happy with the canvas replica. Was a bit skeptical when ordering it as I did not know how the texture would translate into a flat print but it’s really very beautiful. And the meaning behind it just makes it that much more priceless. Seeing it every day helps me find my balance and appreciate and focus on my faith and let go of things that bother me throughout the day. It’s a wonderful reminder and calming effect to focus on Islam. Just beautiful!!!

Anum Asif
Beautiful Calligraphy and blend of colors!

It’s beautiful and looks amazing when sunlight hits it. Love it. I just wish that they had better exchange and return method so that it wouldn’t cost more than the artwork itself. I wanted to exchange it for the bigger size but shipping cost for return was a lot. But considering the delivery of art piece is always complicated so I understand why it was like this.

miral khalil
Excellent as usual

My sil found saleha through my home's artwork and is now another fab