Sharing some reflections:⁣

If someone worked nine months for an employer with no guarantee of pay, we'd say their crazy.⁣

It took so many years of struggle to build enough courage in my ability to give my 110% and then put complete faith in Allah. The job was an act of service to the Most Powerful. So how could I doubt?⁣

We're human and we fall into despair so often. So much anxiety some days.⁣

What I've learned over the years:⁣

  1. He (swt) sees everything. He knows the depth of our struggle and will reward only when the time is right. So have faith. He is the only constant in life.⁣

  2. If life doesn't go the way we expect, have your moment of grief but bounce back to being patient, knowing that He has a plan. In due time, we'll see why. ⁣

  3. You'll never reach a state where everything is perfect. This life wasn't meant to be. There will be days of uhud and days of badr. Remember your purpose here and you'll get through both days with contentment. Otherwise, we'll always remain in a state of depression.⁣

  4. He will test us. Its our job to ask for strength to get through the struggles rather than asking for everything to be normal. There is no "normal". ⁣

  5. We cannot control everything. We weren't meant to. We must submit and do what we've been sent here to do (salah and other acts of obedience) then after, rely on Him to shower blessings on our health, wealth, and family.⁣

I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support. ⁣

There is always fear of our heart changing from belief to disbelief. So I pray Allah continues to allow me to spread His word. ⁣


  • Posted by Talat saleh on

    Aslamoalakum sister,

    Your work is inspirational Alhamdullilah. I have also began this journey of writing ayyah. It brings me peace when I ponder upone the verses. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time,but growing up in an house hold where art was not encouraged I did not get the right guidance. But today Alhamdullilah with the support of my husband I have begun exploring art , but the difference is before i used to do landscape, portrait and abstract. Now I am learning calligraphy. Alhamdullilah. Please share some advice of success in this regard. JazakAllah.

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