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  • During Prophet Muhammad PBUHs time, there were no banks. ⁣⁣There was no protection for your belongings if you had to leave for any reason. Anyone could walk into your home and take your valuables. ⁣⁣Within his community, he was the trusted person. He was trustworthy, truthful & honest. People... View Post
  • 🚨The last verses of Surah Yaseen were revealed after THIS INCIDENT: ⁣⁣👉One of the chiefs of Makkah (disbeliever), came up with a rotten bone of a dead person, from the graveyard. ⁣⁣🦴 He broke and crushed it into pieces on front of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and scattering its particles in the air, sai... View Post
  • How do we know if it's a trial or punishment?⁣⁣A sign of punishment is when a believer is restless and constantly complains⁣⁣A sign of test is that when we are grateful for what we have and show patience. Trial is followed by sense of contentment and ease.⁣⁣I often wondered about the difference b... View Post
  • Many years ago, I was in a meeting discussing timelines for a project. One member (female) had been pushing dates back constantly. This time it was incredibly frustrating.⁣⁣The meeting ended and you could see a ton of eye rolling and sarcasm, especially from other women. ⁣⁣A couple of us we're st... View Post

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As I relearn Islam, I share my lecture notes and personal experiences here.

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