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  • The Prophet (PBUH) said, no one calls upon Allah with this dua, except that Allah grants him refuge and relieves him of the hardship he is in. Yunus (A.S.) did not ask to be saved from the whale, or relief from his pains. He only made tauba for his action. View Post
  • Allah alone is enough for us

    We need to remind ourselves that Allah alone is enough for us. He is closer to us than our jugular vein. He knows what's in our hearts and what we need most. Once we start having conversations with Him, during the highs and lows, we'll begin to not View Post
  • Seeking Knowledge

    Having knowledge and ignoring it or not applying it to our lives is a grave sin. When do we plan on acting upon the knowledge?

    Sufyan al-Thawri's mother: My son, do not seek knowledge unless you intend to act upon it. Otherwise, it will be a calamity upon you on the Day of Rising.

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  • Simplicity is a part of faith

    Prophet PBUH lived very humbly but remember that Islam does not prohibit a person from possessing luxuries and the finery of this world, provided that one remains grateful to Allah, and helps the poor financially with one's resources. View Post
  • 3 Daily Reminders

    Advice from Imam Ibn Al Qayyim (RA)

    1. Do not carry the worries of sustenance: It is from Allah
    2. Do not carry the anxiety for the future: It is in the Hands of Allah
    3. Do not carry the worries of this life: This if for Allah
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