The Veil

*SOLD* All originals from my 2018 collection sold out within minutes, Alhumdulillah. Sign up to grab an original from my upcoming collection. 

Inspired by the galaxy, land & oceans. Islamic painting on canvas by Saleha Contractor from the 2017 collection. All original pieces are unique & will not be recreated. Ships from Toronto, Canada.

Modern Arabic reads: Allah

The Story: This piece depicts the journey of life. Each soul enters a world of uncertainty. The only constant is Allah. Our paths are never clear or easy. Each person shall endure trials and tribulations. Success truly lies in our submission to the Almighty. 

The silhouettes and layers symbolize the veils which are present between us and Allah SWT on the day of judgement. The glistening gold calligraphy represents noor of Allah SWT, as will be witnessed by those entering Jannah . May we be amongst them.   

Medium: Acrylic & mixed media. Painted canvas is wrapped around a 2 inch thick wooden frame. Ready to hang.