Earth Cries (sujood)

Original Islamic painting by Saleha Contractor. 2019 Collection.

Hand-painted mixed media art on 40 by 60" canvas on wood. Only one piece.


Dua we recite in Sujood: Subhanah rabbi yal- a'la "how perfect is my Lord, the Most High". 

The Story

Inspired by the the Prophet Muhammad PBUHs favourite position in salah, the Sujood. It was the position the Prophet PBUH would go into when he was filled with gratitude or when he was making dua. At times he’d be in sujood for so long that his companions would think he died.

Notice the contrasting sides? The rugged and bare ground laced with greenery symbolizes the Prophet Muhammad PBUHs home. His bed was made from palm leaves and their home was so tight that Aisha RA said, when the Prophet PBUH prayed tohajjud, he would have to move her feet in salah.

The opposite side symbolizes a collage of salah mats that are owned by Muslims around the world. The arrangement of colours, textures and designs create a sense of movement in the painting, like the way our bodies flow through salah so naturally like a river. The black and white patterns emphasize the idea of a focal point. Sujood is the best part of salah so our focus should be on imagining ourselves bowing to Allah swt and keeping our minds from wandering.

It’s the closest we can be to Allah swt. Ibn Taymiyyah said that the souls of people are brought closer to Allah during prostration. The earth even cries when the servant dies as it misses the affect of the prostration. Sujood is the greatest honour to the earth.