Shahadah | Kalima Art | La ilaha illAllah

Inspired by the simplest yet most powerful Dua.

"La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah"

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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 Calligraphy: "La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah"

The Story

Musa AS had a very interesting relationship as he spoke directly to Allah swt. One day, he asked for a Dua—one that was special for him to remember Allah.

Allah swt responded with “La ilaha illallah." Musa AS was hoping he’d have a unique Dua, and then He swt explained, “Did you know even if the 7 heavens and everything on the earth were placed on a scale, that lah would be heavier”. Part of the meaning of the Kalima is that there is no other genuine love. The simplest yet most powerful Dhikr is La ilaha illallah. Notice when you say it, your lips don’t move? Allah has made it so easy to recite it at the time of death with minimal effort. 

The squares represent humans. Some are prominent, and some are fading away. That’s the reality of this world. People will come and go from our lives, but Allah is a constant. Loneliness can be the scariest experience but know that the only one we really need is Allah. To taste the sweetness of this relationship, we must make an effort to become closer. The best way to know Allah is by studying the meanings behind his 99 names-- see them in the background?

The list of manners soaking away symbolizes how we've been neglecting our religion's basics- our character. “Invite people to Islam without words,” they asked: how? He replied, “with your manners”- Umar ibn al Khattab RA. Nothing will be heavier on the scale for a believer on the day of resurrection than good manners. 

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Timeka Washington

Very beautiful artwork.

aneesa afzul

excellent world class experience you won't go wrong with service and customer excellence will highly recommend for your next project

Lubna Khan
Absolutely stunning

I got the canvas print for shahadah - such a beautiful art piece and a great reminder for me and my children to recite kalma everytime I see it. Thank you Saleha! I can’t wait to order more!

s nawaz

i am so impressed with the quality of the print . this was my first time ordering , delivery was efficient and the live chat was very helpful .

Bisma Khan

Extremely beautiful! Lov both Lohe qurani and this one!