Iman | First Pillar of Islam | Shahadah

This painting symbolizes the parallels between the lifelong contributions of the date palm tree and the believer

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Modern Calligraphy: Iman [faith, belief]

Traditional Islamic Calligraphy: "La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah" [I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is His messenger

The Story

This painting symbolizes the analogy of the date palm tree, echoing the wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that believers, like this tree, should contribute positively to humanity throughout their lives.

Much like the date palm's resilience in harsh conditions, a true believer should possess inner strength and stability in the face of challenges. Just as the tree bears dates, a valuable source of sustenance, a faithful believer should share their blessings and talents to benefit society. Even in the end, the tree remains useful by providing materials for construction and cooking, mirroring the believer's duty to assist those in need. Despite its strength, the date palm tree's humble appearance serves as a reminder to maintain humility in our actions and interactions.

One side of the artwork portrays textured palm leaves, while the other side features building blocks representing the qualities and virtues that a Muslim should embody. This contrast establishes a link between the natural world and the spiritual path of Islam. Embedded within the piece is the word 'Iman,' emphasizing that once the light of faith enters the heart, it solidifies everything around us.

At its center stands the Kalimah, the declaration of God's oneness and the first pillar of Islam. There is nothing more pure, blessed, or weighty than the Kalimah.

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Ghassan Musleh

Loved the painting very elegant