Heart of the Quran | Surah YaSeen

Inspired by Surah Ya-Seen

Ya-Seen; Wal-Qur-aanil-Hakeem

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Calligraphy: Ya-Seen; Wal-Qur-aanil-Hakeem (By the Wise Quran)


The Story 

Light: it shines, guides and nurtures.

The Prophet (PBUH) is our source of constant guidance. The Qur'an refers to him metaphorically as ‘Siraj Munira’. Like the sun, the illumination of his message guides not only those who were present with him but still reaches us today.


Unlike the sun which is constant, the moon (like the believer) goes through many phases. It does not produce its own light, but rather, its noor is a reflection of the sun. When it faces the sun, it shines at its brightest, and when it turns away, it is lost in darkness, ‘like the old date stalk’. But from its darkest point, it shines again.


Reminders are for the heart and must be repeated. Surah Ya-sin is the heart of the Qur’aan. It is a reminder from Allah of the reward for those who accept the true message.  A reminder to take lessons from those who rejected him in the past and the fate they face. A reminder to those who question life after death. 

…To reflect and ponder on the signs around us.

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Fatima Bunguric

My favourite Sura. Excellent quality print. Looks beautiful on the wall. Congrats to you. Your work is beautiful.

Absolutely perfect

This is my favorite Surah and I am so happy with the purchase. It fits perfectly in my space. Will definitely order again--thank you for your beautiful work!

Great customer service

Highly recommend and great quality.

Surah Yaseen poster XXL size

Great print on poster in XXL size, poster is on real nice thick paper. Very nice quality and print. We are really happy with the purchase! Can highly recommend

Beautiful piece

I am extremely please with the artwork. It looks beautiful in my living room and is an extremely eye catching piece. It’s extremely interesting to interpret and both the quality and aesthetic is outstanding. Would highly recommend