Eid Cards Bundle


Exclusive 24 Hour Eid Card Bundle!

"Allah is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty"

Grab this set of 10 individually wrapped Eid cards to hand out to your friends and family. Why would they love these? Because they're not your typical Eid cards.

This is my limited edition Ink art painting. They can frame it! 2-in-1 Gift 

Important Delivery Information

These ship out from our UK print labs and based on current courier times, it requires 7-10 business days to reach customers. We cannot promise Eid delivery as situations are always changing with Royal Mail and FedEx due to COVID-19 and out of our control.

FOR THIS REASON, we're only allowing orders for this 24 hour period with the hopes that these reach you soon as possible. All orders will be put into production by May 15 midnight. 

Why did we launch so late? Our test samples took forever to come in due to COVID and we wanted to make sure they were PERFECT before launching.

Want it before Eid? Choose Express FedEx shipping at checkout $19 CAD, that's approximately $12USD, 11GBP. Delivery should take up to 7 business days

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