Blossom (charity)

Original Islamic painting by Saleha Contractor. 2019 Collection.

Hand-painted mixed media art on 48 by 60" wood panel. Only one piece.


"Those who spend their wealth (in Allah swt's way) by night and by day, secretly and publicly- they will have their reward with their lord." Quran 2:274

Zakat and Sadaqah also written through out. 

The Story

Inspired by the power of charity. 

In Islam, we have different types of charities. Zakat is compulsory and Sadaqah is voluntary- for the sake of Allah swt. 

In Surah Baqarah, Allah swt is encouraging people to be charitable by painting an image in our minds. The image that's being presented is of a little seed that grew and sprouted into 7 ears and each ear had 100 grains inside. The scene being depicted is of growth, multitude, or replicating. Essentially, something that blooms far beyond our imagination. 

Whatever we give in charity, we will see it multiplied in return, inshaAllah. Charity is a way to cleanse ourselves and our fortunes. The acts of charity will extinguish acts of calamity. We should make it a habit to give out charity every Friday, before travelling, before making a big decision, before engaging in anything big or small. 

Spend from anything you own in excess, even if it's a small date. We should teach our children to give. Give, because everything we own is from Allah swt. Who should we give sadaqah to? start with your parents, your family, orphans, the poor, those in need. Give it as a gift with the intention of gaining Allah swts pleasure and watch the doors of sustenance and blessings open.  

CC: Lecture by Mufti Menk and Nouman Ali Khan