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Inspired by the reconstruction of the Holy Kaaba

"Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us: For you are the All-Hearing, the All-knowing"

This is a print of an Islamic painting by Saleha

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Calligraphy: Rabbana Taqabbal Minna Innaka Antas Samee'Ul Aleem

"Our Lord, Accept [this service] from us. For you are the All Hearing, the All Knowing."

The Story

The responsibility of the construction of the Kaaba, the ultimate house of Allah SWT, was put on the shoulders of Hazrat Ibrahim AS and Hazrat Ismail AS. ⁣It's interesting that there no details about the types of materials used or equipment for this project. Usually, for a construction project, such information is present. ⁣

What is mentioned, however, is the statement they made following the construction. ⁣When Ibrahim AS raised the foundation of the Kaaba along with Ismail AS, they made this Dua for acceptance of their work.

The prophets are the most intelligent, resourceful, and able. These two individuals performed this deed with their complete ability, but their fundamental request is, "oh, Allah accept from us." ⁣

This shows that even the most ABLE people who came before us did not depend on their deeds and accomplishments. They only relied upon and sought the acceptance of Allah SWT. ⁣If we do good deeds, we should strive to have them accepted by Allah. The dominant theme has to be that it is NOT ME.⁣ Success is only defined by the acceptance of Allah.

The puzzle layout symbolizes our life. Piece by piece we put things together, change directions and allow mistakes. We've been gifted with the blueprint and a goal. As we evolve and grow, we seek acceptance from the Al-Mighty.

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Bought one canvas and one print. Fast delivery! and the painting are mashallah beautiful! Looking forward to the next collection!

Omar Najjar

Mashallah. I bought 4 canvases and all of them are beautiful. I can't wait for the next collection that comes out.

Razia Hamidi
Beautiful addition to our home

I love our painting, it's a constant reminder of our goal. I view her work as visual dhikr. It was so hard to purchase only 1, I plan on adding more pieces from her collection.

Thank you

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I bought three prints from salehart to fit on my photo picture shelves,couldnt have been more pleased it was exceptional and i loved the art work.Will be recommending to my family and friends


Unique and beautiful MashAllah a beautiful touch add in my home. JazakAllah