Last Days of Ramadan


Download your FREE Eid Gifts!

Eid shopping can get expensive. 
So I thought of a way you could earn rewards & get free gifts

Below you'll find a bundle of my digital downloads. Total value $91usd

Download for FREE!
Print as many & Gift to loved ones


What's the catch? Nothing monetary

To download each art, all you have to do is: Recite the prayer


In these last days, you'll earn 70X the rewards!

I can't track if you prayed but Allah swt will know so let's be good


How does it work?

Download, right click & save the file on your computer. For best results, print at a local photo lab (lustre photo paper) or at staples on cardstock. 8x10" or A4 size

This weekend, head over to your local Walmart, Costco, Target or Tesco photo lab and get these printed in minutes! Download the files on your phone or load them on a USB. Some photo labs let you submit the orders online. Please call or visit your nearest locations if you need assistance. Wrap the prints in tissue paper or put them in Ikea frames for your family and friends!

May Allah swt invite us to His home soon and bring peace to our souls. First thing is to make the intention.


"O Allah, you are forgiving & love to forgive, so forgive me."  Best dua for the last ten days of Ramadan

"On the day of Qiyamah the person closest to me will be the one who has sent the most Durood unto me" (tirmidhi)
"If you are grateful, I will surely increase you. But if you deny, indeed my punishment is severe"

People often forget the importance of this simple yet powerful dua. Seek forgiveness with humility


Oh Allah, protect the children of this Ummah and keep them on the straight path, Ameen


If you want to be connected to Allah swt, then it is through your parents. As they grow older, have mercy for them.

The rewards of this tasbeeh will be multiplied 70X inshaAllah

The person who recites Ayat ul Kursi morning and evening will be under protection of Allah


"Whoever recites Surah Waqiah at night will never encounter poverty" (ibn sunni 620)


Sujood was the Prophet Muhammad PBUH favourite position in Salah.


"O Allah, you are forgiving & love to forgive, so forgive me."  

Allah swt asks us 31 times "which of the favors of your lord will you deny?" We are sinful yet He keeps showering His blessings.